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Cheers! Cocktails Around the World

By ocean magazine — August 09, 2012

  This year, internationally acclaimed Japanese restaurant zuma is celebrating 10 years of success, and in recognition of this milestone the bartenders highlight what makes their most popular cocktails so unique. zuma’s bartenders offer creativity and use their senses and artistry to create cocktail combinations. All the cocktail specialists possess a whimsical consideration for flavour and an eye for precision. This year one of zuma Dubai’s bartenders has been selected as a finalist for the 2012 World Bartender Championships – showing just how much passion is in the team. Only available at the six zuma restaurants around the world these tempting cocktails will truly tantalize the taste buds. Each of the irresistible cocktails is individually designed with the tastes of the local guests in mind and it’s this simple appreciation that makes zuma’s cocktails so special. Inspired by beautiful, natural flavours, zuma only uses the finest ingredients for its signature cocktails to ensure the balance is just right. zuma London: Rubabu After 10 years in London this fruity cocktail plays with all the senses and is a favourite in Hong Kong too. Rhubarb, the quintessentially English countryside fruit, is used to infuse sake and is then shaken with 42 Below Vodka and fresh passion fruit to make a delicious European and Asian fusion mix. zuma Hong Kong: Raspberry & Passion Fruit Martini Always a popular choice in Hong Kong, this fruity martini is made from Bison Grass Vodka shaken with raspberries and passion fruit and has a hint of fresh apple juice. A delightfully tangy Martini, this cocktail is a perfect balance of distinctive raspberry and passion fruit flavours. zuma Dubai: Japanese Whisky Sour Since zuma Dubai opened in 2009, the restaurant has quickly become a must visit destination for all. A unique favourite at the restaurant, a Japanese Whisky Sour, is a rousing twist on the classic and includes smoked infused nikka from the barrel whisky, yuzu juice, egg white and a dash of plum bitters. zuma Miami: Lychee Rose Martini Devised to satisfy the cool crowd in Miami, the Lychee Rose Martini has an aromatic yet distinctive taste. Bombay Sapphire gin and rose infused vodka are shaken together with lychees and lemon juice and then served in a martini glass. zuma Istanbul: South East Asian Cooler Bison Grass Vodka is mixed with fresh passion fruit, mint, cinnamon and pressed apple juice to make a refreshing long drink. This cocktail has truly captured the heart of the Turkish capital but is also a adored tipple in all zuma restaurants around the world. zuma Bangkok: zumanuka This tangy yet sweet combination is a favourite in the vibrant Thai capital of Bangkok. Fresh, green basil is muddled together with pineapple and fresh pressed apples, Manuka Honey and 42 Below Vodka. The essence of the cocktail is brought out with zesty lemons and limes to give it that added ‘zing’. A place to see and be seen, zuma Hong Kong’s Lounge on level 6 of the Landmark is the venue for guests to unwind with cocktails, wine or Champagne. With a variety of relaxed seating areas to cater for Hong Kong’s savvy customers, the lounge boasts a total of 95 bar stools, sophisticated lounging areas and a semi-private room. For a pre-dinner cocktail or a casual drink with friends or colleagues, zuma’s lounge is the perfect spot to relax, socialise and try cocktail favourites from around the world. Address: Level 5 and 6, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong For reservations: (852) 3657 6388   {posted by molly chizzick}